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Easter at Gärsnäs!

Finally, it’s happening! 

This Easter, our showroom in Gärsnäs will be filled with art. The exhibition Rådrum 2022 features five artists who all have connections to Österlen and each other: Robina Doxi, Liv Strömquist, Märta Rovin, Elna Jolom and Ola Leander. It was supposed to have taken place in spring 2020, but was postponed due to the pandemic. Everyone has waited patiently and now the time has come. The vernissage is on Maundy Thursday, 14 April.

Rådrum in Swedish denotes room for consideration and the interplay between the artworks. These examine, in various ways and through different media – glass, painting, sculpture, drawing – the adventure that lies beyond physical reality.

“The concept in exhibiting together is that we all express some mystical element; alternative worlds that viewers are invited into,” says Robina Doxi.

It is crucial to bear within oneself a unique inner landscape. “Considering the war in Ukraine and the refugees, this exhibition is even more relevant than it would have been two years ago,” says Robina, whose family experienced war and displacement in the Middle East. She started painting when she was seven, accompanying her mother to painting classes.

“I am interested in stories. My works should also show traces of the passing of time, as if they are from a past civilisation or the future.” 

Three of the exhibitors, Robina Doxi, Märta Rovin and Liv Strömquist, are friends from before. They went to the same schools in Hammenhög, performed theatre and made up things to do. Elna too went to the same school but is a few years younger than the others.

This is the first time they are exhibiting together. What an adventure!

Participating artists:

Robina Doxi grew up in Hammenhög, Österlen. She moved to London, studied acting, as well as design and took a Master’s in Fine Arts at Chelsea College of Art and Design. After 20 years in the metropolis, she and her husband, Ola Leander, moved back to Österlen.

Märta Rovin was born in Hammenhög and graduated from Valand Academy in Gothenburg. She sketches and sculpts abstract, yet detailed drawings; a sort of alternative world. 

Liv Strömquist grew up in Österlen. She is an artist, cartoonist and scriptwriter who shows prints and textiles, as well as art glass, made together with Elna Jolom. 

Elna Jolom, born in Gärsnäs. For the past nine years, she has run Österlen’s Glashytta. After training at Kosta and Orrefors, she has worked with glass in foundries in Småländ since 1998, but has also studied science journalism and light design. She recently graduated as a landscape architect.

Ola Leander comes from Malmö and has worked 12 years as a cabinetmaker in London, where he also ran an art gallery with his wife Robina Doxi. Ola shows an interactive low-fi sculpture that visitors can enter. 

Maundy Thursday 14 April, 4 – 8 p.m.

Other opening hours
Good Friday 15 April – Easter Monday 18 April, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Tuesday 19 April – Friday 22 April, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Saturday 23 April – Sunday 24 April, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.