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Möbelfakta is a complete reference and labelling system for furniture, covering technical, environmental and social responsibility requirements. Möbelfakta’s criteria span from functionality and safety requirements for furniture to environmental considerations for sustainable development and strict standards regarding social responsibility throughout the entire product chain.

Möbelfakta was founded in 1972 and is currently owned and managed by the Swedish Federation of Wood and Furniture Industry. Möbelfakta aims to ensure sustainable development and provide assurance to customers with labelling that covers three areas: environmental, quality and social responsibility.

The technical and quality requirements are based on established international and European standards and include strength, stability, flammability, acoustics, surface resistance and other characteristics.

Möbelfakta’s environmental requirements are based on current research and are well in line with European and international policies for sustainable development. Product material requirements include raw timber originating from legal and acceptable sources. Furthermore, a number of chemicals must be minimised or avoided completely regarding wood, textiles/leather, plastic/rubber, upholstery material, glue and metal, as well as products intended for finishing surfaces.

These product-related environmental requirements cover the actual item of furniture and also comprise labelling, spare parts, product information, care instructions and packaging.

Möbelfakta is unique as a reference and labelling system as it integrates Corporate Social Responsibility into requirements and highlights aspects concerning social responsibility as one of the most important areas of sustainable development. Requirements address social and ethical aspects, including responsibilities towards employees and conditions during production. 

Requirements on social responsibility are based on “The Global Compact”: 10 principles on human rights, labour regulations, the environment and corruption relevant to companies. These principles are based on the UN’s declaration of human rights, the International Labour Organisation’s basic conventions on human rights in employment, the Rio Declaration, as well as the UN’s convention against corruption. In addition, Möbelfakta has requirements for a good workplace environment.

To ensure the relevance and high degree of the standards, Möbelfakta’s criteria are continually reviewed and revised. Fulfilment of these standards among producers is carried out annually by a third party.

For more information about Möbelfakta and the current criteria, please visit Möbelfakta’s website.