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Ideas man and veteran of the furniture trade to lead Gärsnäs board

Gärsnäs is now revamping its board of directors with a new chairman, Kurt Tingdal, a boardroom professional and clever executive with many years of experience in the furniture trade as one of the owners of Offecct. “I consider Gärsnäs a prestige brand in the furniture business. We work with solid wood, which is one of the most tried, tested and sustainable materials. With our vision for climate-neutral operations by 2030, we will create new proposals based on the circular economy and a strong market presence.”

“There is a lot to do. Perhaps Gärsnäs has been slightly spoiled, knowing it can always make sales in the public sector? Within the trade, the company has a good reputation, but maybe we put too much faith in the products basically selling themselves, just because it is Gärsnäs?” wonders Kurt. “Good design ought to lead to a profitable business. Now it is time to roll up our shirtsleeves and cultivate our existing relationships, while simultaneously winning new customers.”

“We want to revitalise the company with new energy, without losing the essential DNA that is the soul of Gärsnäs and its long history,” says Kurt Tingdal and reveals that the company has just adopted a completely new business plan that primarily runs to 2025. What that means will be apparent in the near future.

Kurt Tingdal has extensive experience of furniture production in Sweden and sales in both the domestic and international markets. In 1990, he and a colleague founded Offecct, one of the most successful furniture companies in Sweden. In 2017, Kurt and his colleague sold the company to the Norwegian Flokk Group. It was time to try something new. Gärsnäs will provide a new challenge from a board perspective.

“The time was right to revitalise the board with an external resource who adds competence and drive. Kurt will be a good ambassador and a dedicated coach,” says CEO Dag Klockby, who has known Kurt Tingdal for many years.