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Madeleine, a new force in the Stockholm office

She knows everything there is to know about screws, cabinet doors and hinges; she can assemble kitchens and sell furniture. Madeleine Rosendahl is our new sales representative for architects and retailers in Stockholm and the Mälaren region, as well as supporting our agent in Finland.

“It’s great to return again to designer furniture. It feels like coming home,” she says and describes her career before Gärsnäs. Most recently, she worked with office furniture at Ragnars. Prior to that, she was a representative at Swedese for five years.

“At fairs, we were positioned close to each other and we always stole glances at Gärsnäs. Something of a love-hate relationship because Gärsnäs is so good at innovation and has top design value, while at the same time staying in touch with its history. Damn, we thought, how good they are,” laughs Madeleine. “I’m proud that Gärsnäs makes its furniture in Sweden and from an environmental and sustainability perspective this is extremely current.”

Madeleine graduated from school in 2004 and since then has worked with interiors and furniture: first in the family business, Bara Kök & Bad, making kitchens and bathrooms for private homes, municipalities, architects and new productions. “It was great fun and creative. I designed kitchens and Dad assembled them.” Madeleine’s mum is also in the business as a retailer and decorator for schools. “Decor and design have always been a part of my life,” says Madeleine, who eventually started work at Swedese.

Now she is ready, with all of her heart, to establish herself at our Stockholm office. There is plenty to look forward to. “I absolutely believe there is a place for Gärsnäs in the retail market with our furniture in private homes. During the pandemic, many people want to support Swedish manufacturing; just look how well Swedish-made fashion is doing. It is a fun challenge,” says Madeleine Rosendahl.

She has yet to make her first visit to the factory in Österlen, the very heart of Gärsnäs. “I’ve only hung around in Småland previously, so that will be exciting.” Madeleine lives out on Värmdö with her partner, two children and her horse. Welcome!