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New at Gärsnäs

Boel Nilsson joined Gärsnäs in August. She is an accounting clerk handling wages, bookkeeping and invoicing. In the afternoons, she is currently taking care of customer support too.
Boel is a true Österlender, raised in Löderup, where she also lives. She knows Gärsnäs well.
The sitting room of her childhood home has a good sofa and two armchairs with lion feet. “We always called it the ‘Gärsnäs furniture’. My grandmother and grandfather bought it in the 40s.”

Victor af Wetterstedt, the new Product Development Manager and Environment Manager at Gärsnäs, started his job in August.

How is the new job?
It has been a good beginning. There is a lot to get acquainted with, but now it is getting easier after a couple of weeks.

What have you been doing initially?
Mostly practical things to get going; how to manage the work and which projects to take on. I’m getting to know my colleagues and how production is carried out.

Incredibly exciting and great to get started. It’s been a lovely welcome from everyone here at Gärsnäs. It feels great.

How is life in Ystad?
My partner and I have started to get the house in order and we are happy. We’ve enjoyed the late summer in Skåne. Lovely!