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New CEO at Gärsnäs

Congratulations Magnus Eriksson, who becomes the new CEO at Gärsnäs on 1 January 2023. Hardly a beginner at the factory, Magnus has been the site manager for nearly eight years, a safe pair of hands with knowledge about most things: from intricate details of carpentry to machinery maintenance and staffing.

“I’m looking forward to the job. It’s the same office, same car, same computer, no immediate differences,” he says with a laugh. But there will be new tasks and responsibilities. 

“It will be crucial to get every part of the factory working together and to better understand each other’s work. As well, our investment in ‘Home’, that is furniture for consumers, is very exciting,” he says and is thrilled by the new generation of craftsmen and professionals now entering the factory: younger people in accounting, product development, production and environmental work. “It’s great with fresh energy, it puts wind in our sails.”

The ownership structure stays the same. Gärsnäs remains a family-owned company. Current CEO, Dag Klockby, leaves the position after 20 years. But he isn’t going far. “I’ll be working a lot with external operations, business development and international relations.” Exports have risen and there is much to do in that area. Dag Klockby also becomes chairman of the board. He feels there is a new energy in the company. 

“Our team is getting younger and they bring new skills that are most valuable. We are now building that inner structure and investing in environmental initiatives.” Among other measures, solar cells will be mounted on the factory roof. 

Previously, Magnus Ericsson worked for Microsoft and spent some years before that at Purus, Scandinavia’s leading manufacturer of plumbing products for bathrooms, kitchens, and demanding environments. “I have worked my entire career in production and logistics, but also have a passion for marketing and sales. It’s fun to see the big picture.” 

Magnus Ericsson and his family live in Sjöbo, some 40 km from the factory, all except his son who is studying civil engineering in South Korea. 

See you after the holidays, boss.