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Emily, Lina och Elin

Three sisters that stand up for themselves

In 2013, designer duo Färg & Blanche created the Emma easy chair; its back completely held in place by its own seams. Several years later came the Emily chair, based on the same construction. Now the family has grown again with the addition of two more chairs, which makes three siblings from the same parent, but with completely different characters. They thrive independently, but are more than happy to play together.

The secret is in the seams

The backs of the chairs have distinct shapes, but share a common technique. Instead of using metal or wood frames like ordinary chairs, the seams themselves provide the framework. Sewing together fabric front and back with padding in the middle, similar to a sandwich, creates a backrest both pliable and solid. This process requires unique craftsmanship, yet simply nothing from you to sit in it.

The embracing big sister

As the eldest sister of the family, Emily provides a sense of security. The somewhat lower back has a line running out to the sides that enfolds you like a hug. The pattern, which leans towards the middle, gives a sense of speed. This combination provides a chair with a strong, modern feeling that is just as appropriate in the conference room as at the kitchen table.

The generous middle sister

Lina is the chair that is really approachable. The back is higher than Emily’s and the arms have gentle, rounded lines. The diamond-shaped pattern is clearly inherited from the Emma easy chair, but the proportions are larger and more extravert. Together it creates a generous chair that feels as inviting as a soft cloud.

The cheeky little sister

Elin is the chair that most resembles its parent Emma in form. The back and small arms have a line reminiscent of a classical Gothenburg chair, while at the same time the pattern has a cut that gives a modern appearance. As the youngest member of the family, Elin is the cutest of the three chairs, but also the cheekiest.

»You can use them in a variety of contexts and also all together; they interact well, while at the same time they have different characters, a bit like various people in a room.«

Emma Marga Blanche

Two designers, one thousand technicians

Fredrik Färg and Emma Marga Blanche are a designer duo based in Stockholm. Influenced by the worlds of art and fashion, they create playful, stylish furniture that challenges conventions. By experimenting with new materials and methods, they continually break new ground in interior design. Besides the family including Emma, Emily, Elin and Lina, they have made the Mr. N chair and the Julius sofa and easy chair for Gärsnäs.