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Welcome to Gärsnäs, Claes Eriksson and Magnus Linder

These gentlemen really know how to sell furniture. Welcome to Gärsnäs, Claes Eriksson and Magnus Linder, who will be joining us in the spring. In total, they have over 50 years of experience in building relationships and brands. And that’s what it’s about: meeting people and winning trust for the products.

Claes will be the new sales director at Gärsnäs. He has a strong background in the textile and furniture trade. “I’m basically a travelling salesman,” he says, having grown up around Kinna. He began his career on the production side at Kinnasand in 1986, but soon moved to selling fabrics for public furniture and travelling around to shops, architect offices and retailers. “It’s good to have experience from the production side of things.” 

In 1998, Claes started at Lammhults as sales manager. He has travelled all over Sweden. “My network of contacts is vast. That’s how I like it, it’s important to have close contact.”

Actually, Claes has worked at Gärsnäs previously, for a couple of years 2000–2002, when it was owned by Lammhults. However, it was difficult to get both companies to integrate. Now, he is looking forward to a second term. “Gärsnäs uses a word I like a lot: genuineness. That word implies dependability, truth and authenticity. The environmental initiatives with clear thinking on sustainability and circularity, that’s the future. The offensive sales plan is also exciting. Aiming high, I like that.” Claes lives in Örby near Kinna.

Magnus Linder also comes from Lammhults, where he has worked eight years as district manager for western Sweden. “Meeting people is my job. I meet architects, retailers and end customers, trying to inspire them and help out, as a link between the company and the market. The job is great fun and it’s a pleasant business.”

Magnus grew up in furniture country, in Bodafors. After high school, he began working in Swedese’s customer service and liked the furniture business from the start. “An interest in furniture and craftsmanship quickly developed. When I went into the field as a salesman in the nice interiors business, I was hooked.”

He stayed at Swedese for 12 years. Magnus appreciates genuine craftsmanship. “I want to smell real wood again and Gärsnäs is one of the top names in wooden furniture, with good ideas about trying to keep manufacturing local and in-house. Working with circularity and reuse suits my values. Everyone wins in the end.” Magnus lives in Gothenburg.