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Elisabeth Ancker

How come the three of you together – you, Cecilia Andreasson and Thomas Eriksson – collaborated on Frame?

That’s how we work. Cecilia, Thomas and I are longstanding working partners, and we’re a good team. When we twist and turn different solutions together, the end result turns out all the better for it.

Frame wasn’t designed for a particular project. It came about because of a vacuum we experienced in previous work. We wanted to get away from the office-home antithesis and create a piece of furniture that would be equally viable in both worlds. It began with the cupboards, and then the family grew in a natural sort of way, with the addition of different table designs. We wanted to make an elegant, well-proportioned piece of furniture. Frame, you might say, is tailor-made for Gärsnäs, specialising as they do in top-flight cabinet making.

What makes a successful interior?

The light is what matters most. The way it’s used. That means both daylight, how the architecture admits it, and the way you arrange the artificial lighting.

What would you like your next commission to be?

A park bench for the North Cemetery in Solna! And we wouldn’t say No to a waste bin and a street lamp either.

What’s your best time of day for creative thinking?

It used to be late evening, nowadays its actually in the morning.