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Protecting our most precious gift

Today we are all facing the fact that the world’s resources are burdened beyond limit. Ecosystems are severely impacted by deforestation, chemical use, climate change, ever-growing mountains of waste and other challenges. At Gärsnäs, these issues are on the top of our agenda. It is our joint responsibility to solve today’s challenges and promote the growth of a sustainable future.

The Gärsnäs environmental policy covers the entire organisation and all operational processes. We strive to minimise our environmental impact throughout the whole organisation and to involve all employees. Among many other initiatives, we set high environmental requirements on incoming material and contractors’ commitments to human rights. We train our staff in environmental and sustainability issues; so too, when developing new products, environmental criteria are considered carefully. We also try to guide our customers towards making better environmental choices.

Gärsnäs aims to be circular by 2030

We wish to leave an environmental footprint as small as possible and therefore aim to be circular by 2030. This includes designing furniture that lasts a long time and leaves no waste, offering our customers circular solutions, where perhaps they hire instead of own, and all our operations, including transportation, eventually run on renewable energy.

Because we manufacture our furniture here in Sweden, we can also take responsibility for it even after delivery. Reuse in the form of renovation and repair has always come naturally to Gärsnäs and this will only increase in importance as we move towards circularity.

Gärsnäs already has around 30 sustainably certified models

We are working towards certification of the majority of our products in accordance with Möbelfakta: a labelling system for furniture with high prerequisites covering quality, the environment and a responsible supply chain. Furniture complying with Möbelfakta criteria satisfies the market’s expectations on sustainability and also meets the requirements in public procurement contracts. In brief, it is a guarantee that our furniture is made in a sustainable way.

Since 2009, Gärsnäs is certified according to the ISO 14001 environmental standard

Our environmental management system is the foundation of our sustainability programme. It helps structure our work and ensures progress, that we attain our targets, and fosters continual improvement. Since 2009, our initiatives include more efficient transports, the implementation of several energy-saving processes and a successive shift to water-based lacquers to reduce solvent emissions.