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Circular Vision 2030

At Gärsnäs, creating furniture with unsurpassed lifespan, both technically and aesthetically, is completely natural and one of the most important ways we can contribute to a sustainable society. By choosing Gärsnäs, you are selecting products that are made for many, long lives. Manufacturing locally at our own factory in Österlen, Skåne, allows us to take full responsibility for the products we deliver today and in the future. It is not only environmentally efficient, but makes good economic sense for our customers.

We already conduct major efforts today to ensure our environmental footprint is as small as possible, however we want and need to be even better. By 2030 at the latest, Gärsnäs will be environmentally/climate neutral and completely circular. To help us achieve this, we have formulated the following targets/aims:


100% Circular design – for long lifespan and no waste

We continue to focus on developing longer lifespans for our products. Partly by designing furniture from the start that can be renovated and renewed many times over back to its original condition or upgraded. We ensure that products can adapt to new business models and offerings in the future. All materials in our products must be separable and reusable in new products or returned to nature. In brief:

  • Longest possible lifespan – technically and aesthetically
  • All materials either reused in new products or returned to nature (technically and biologically recyclable)
  • Inappropriate chemicals to be phased out

100% Responsible offering

Instead of simply making and selling furniture, we aim to offer maintenance to all our customers throughout all the product’s life cycles. Our objective is to provide everyone who chooses our furniture with a proactive plan for its maintenance far in the future and if/when furniture is no longer needed, then it must be easy to resell back to Gärsnäs or one of our partners or another firm in the market. All with the aim of avoiding furniture being thrown away and maximising lifespan. We aren’t sure exactly how our products will be procured in the future, but we aim to help lead the development of a circular furniture offering. Partly through our own organisation, as well as together with partners.

100% Renewable energy

Our entire production process, as well as other parts of the business, such as transportation, must run on renewable energy. We plan to produce our own electricity locally with solar power, wind or other renewable energy source.