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Corporate Social Responsibility - Gärsnäs works both internally and externally with social and ethical aspects, including responsibility towards employees and the conditions of production at external suppliers.

Our requirements are based on “The Global Compact”: 10 principles on human rights, labour regulations, the environment and corruption relevant to companies. These principles are based on the UN’s declaration of human rights, the International Labour Organisation’s fundamental conventions on human rights in employment, the Rio Declaration, as well as the UN’s convention against corruption.

We make demands on ourselves and our partners that cover:

  • Human Rights
  • Child labour
  • Working conditions
  • Discrimination and harassment
  • Freedom of association and collective bargaining
  • Terms of employment, wages and working hours
  • Workplace environment
  • Environmental practice
  • Anti-corruption

We regularly conduct visits and checks on our suppliers and require that they, in turn, establish requirements on their subcontractors. We conduct risk analysis concerning social responsibility. For this we take into consideration BSCI’s (The Business Social Compliance Initiative) classification of countries based on worldwide indicators regarding social and ethical aspects.