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That we renovate furniture is nothing new; it has always been a natural part of our philosophy. In recent years, we have noticed rising interest from our customers to renovate and extend the lifespan of their Gärsnäs furniture.

Our furniture is used often in environments that cause much wear and tear, and eventually they will require a little tender loving care. Renovating furniture allows the original interior to be maintained or, alternatively, provides a completely new look. Renovation can also provide economic and environmental advantages. For example, lower costs and less resource use.

Each renovation involves different things. The chairs in the student union restaurant at Chalmers University of Technology needed their surfaces updated after 20 years of daily use. We collected the 500 chairs and drove them to our factory in Österlen. Each chair was renovated to its original condition. Another example is Nalen restaurant, where Åke Axelsson had helped with the interior design as part of a restoration some 30 years ago. We renovated the restaurant’s swivel chairs and gave them a new colour.

Read more in our brochure about how to reuse Gärsnäs furniture and contact us to discuss your renovation needs. Each assignment is unique and a cost estimate is made upon request.

For further information, please contact customer services by phoning +46 414 53000 or e-mailing [email protected]