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A refined classic

After requests for a contemporary and updated version, designer Åke Axelsson presented the new armchair, that is largely based on Century. The new chair is called Sonat and has a contemporary expression.

An elegant look

As always, Åke strive to make the chair as light as possible, without compromising comfort and strength. In appearance, Sonat is softer in form. The underside of the seat is perforated and sound absorbent.

Solid beech wood

The wood is beech because it is strong, hard and firm in structure. It’s a slow-growing tree. It takes about 120 years to mature, whereas birch needs 80 years and pine 60 to finish growing. The longer growth time makes beech dense, hard and strong – important properties, all three of them, in furniture production.

Contemporary touch to any room

Sonat appropriate for many kinds of environments thanks to its universal character. Besides being stackable, It is also linkable, sound absorbent and, if required, comes with a brass number plate.

An iconic piece of furniture from an iconic designer

Åke Axelsson who is the principle designer at Gärsnäs, has been working since the 1950s and is one of Sweden’s most renowned. Over the years, he has designed more than 200 models of chairs, of which his first chair for Gärsnäs, model S 217, is still in production. Åke has also designed the interiors of many Swedish public buildings, including the Riksdag Library, the King Carl XVI Gustaf Jubilee Room at the Royal Palace and the Den Gyldene Freden restaurant.

»Today the demand for flexible use is greater than ever, meaning that Sonat is even easier to stack. As always, I strive to make the chair as light as possible, without compromising comfort and strength.«

Åke Axelsson