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Patrik Bengtsson

Tell us about the POP sofa…

POP is a modular system for an activity-based office. In contrast to the traditional office, with everyone having their own desk and their own room, we want to make it perfectly easy for people to sit down ad hoc for informal meetings. POP is based on a simple system of different basic parts, forming everything from a classic sofa to a modern seating unit. Its appearance is changeable. By ringing the changes on upholstery or the back, seat and cushions, the POP sofa can be presented in a wide variety of guises.

What does POP stand for?

Pierre och/and Patrik

And now you’ve designed a stool too?

Yes, the POP stool is the continuation of an incipient series for the activity-based office. We’ve seen for ourselves the lack of a functional wooden stool with a high seating level. This stool is intended for sessions of varying length at a project table or bar counter. It’s a solid wooden stool with an in-built gas piston for height adjustment. It comes with or without a backrest and with either a solid wooden seat or a padded one.

You’re based in Lund, Pierre in Stockholm. How does that work out in practice?

It means lots of phone calls and e-mail exchanges. We send each other sketches and, eventually, 3D files. Our process is a little reminiscent of that children’s drawing game where you fold the paper and continue a drawing where the other person left off. It works well, and it’s fun, because we have different funds of knowledge and reference.

How do your personalities contribute to the process?

Pierre is very well up on interior furnishing and fills me in on fashion and style. He is tremendously all-round and an unfailing source of ideas with a love of detail.

I’m more the craftsman, focusing on the wider picture. We always have to argue the toss a bit, and the process is full of “kill-your-darlings” moments.

What are you best at?

Curiosity and a fascination with structural solutions.

Is there any project you dream of?

Yes! And as a matter of fact I’m working on it right now…