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Thomas Eriksson

Tell us about Frame.

Frame was born of the idea of categorically using thinner dimensions in a storage series with classical lines and proportions of almost Japanese simplicity.

Do you have a favourite material?

Oregon Pine, because of its beautiful warm shades and tactile, living surface.

What are the criteria of a successful interior design?

The balance between materials, textures, colours and the handling of light. A good interior must be pleasurably consumable. In other words, it is articulate, distinct, and conveys a conscious atmosphere.

Do you have a dream project for the future?

Being commissioned to design the more open, dynamic church interior of the future.

What is your best time of day for creative thinking?

In the shower in the morning. A moment for capturing the divine intermingling of the irrationality of dreams and the day’s agenda.

Where does your inspiration come from?

The unexpected. The warmth of human commitment. Love.