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Formal inauguration

In mid-April, Gärsnäs formally inaugurated its new exhibition Gallery in the presence of Gärsnäs management, Dive Architects and County Governor Anneli Hulthén. The extensive renovation and construction project aims to improve accessibility, increase the buildings’ flexibility and create a welcoming atmosphere with the new Gallery becoming a natural meeting place.

Gärsnäs’ triumvirate, Åke Axelsson, Anna and Dag Klockby, seen here with writer and author Petter Eklund, in front of Gärsnäs’ new main entrance.

A large and happy gathering mingle at the inauguration of the Gärsnäs renovation and the new Gallery.

The opening ceremony commenced with Dag Klockby, Gärsnäs CEO, describing the renovation and construction. The vision also included a desire to improve the workplace environment for employees, make the manufacturing visible in an interesting way and create a functional and pleasant gallery to use as a showroom and meeting place. Dive Architects, Ia Hjärre and Andy Nettleton, who ran the project over several years, explained the overall change process and how various decisions came about.

Dag Klockby, Gärsnäs CEO, speaks at the inauguration about the renovation, the new Gallery and the bright future, for employees and invited guests.

County Governor Anneli Hulthén cuts the red ribbon and thereby officially opens the new premises.

Ia Hjärre and Andy Nettleton of Dive Architects talk about their work process, the changes and the results.

In conclusion, County Governor Anneli Hulthén spoke about the importance of combining handicraft and industry, as Gärsnäs does, which generates both employment and long-term benefit for the local community. Thereby, the county governor cut the red ribbon to officially declare the building and the new Gallery open.

The facade has been renovated and the main entrance moved to the building’s gable side to create a more welcoming and accessible entrance.

The new Gallery and shop.