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The friendly easy chair

The Dandy easy chair designed by Pierre Sindre. A sit-friendly, beautiful easy chair for rest and contemplation. If you like it cosy, there’s room for two.

A calm retreat

The easy chair is large and spacious with a high enclosing back that really makes a statement. The rattan back filters the light just right, creating seclusion without feeling closed in. It is a space for rest and contemplation, both at home or a public environment.

Braided rattan, lined with leather

In the spirit of Gärsnäs, only purely natural materials are used. Rattan is durable and strong. After the leather edging has been applied, the rattan goes in wet. Next, the upholstery is put in place and as the rattan dries it also shrinks, tightens and gives the structure the desired elasticity.

Inspired by the 60’s

For a long time, the designer Per Sindre used Steve McQueen as the working name for the chair, inspired by his iconic style, topped off with unlined leather racing gloves. McQueen considering the actor’s self-assured sense of high quality and just the right amount of nonchalant style.

»Ideas can occur in the encounter between two materials.
I attach a great deal of importance of details and like to make them my starting point. I like details that invest furniture with character.«

Pierre Sindre