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Pierre Sindre

Is there a project you dream of?

Chairs. Every time I start a new chair project, it’s a project of my dreams. I love chairs, I collect chairs. My collection includes every conceivable type. Everything from design classics like Panton, Eames, Thonet and Åke Axelssson to 19th century inglenook chairs and my own prototypes. Looking at old structures is incredibly instructive, and gives rise to both reinterpretations and new ideas.

Where do you work best?

It depends on what I’m doing. But preferably, perhaps, in a carpentry shop, for example the Gärsnäs workshop, and gladly together with the product developers who work there. Incredibly important and eventful hours pass by, with just small but oh! to important changes. I really love that stage of things, even if it isn’t the stage where the ideas first come to you.

When do the ideas come to you?

In various ways. An idea can spring from a piece of furniture I’ve designed earlier. Or from a need I’ve observed in my work as an interior architect. Ideas can occur in the encounter between two materials. I attach a great deal of importance of details and like to make them my starting point. I like details that invest furniture with character. My Day chair is one such example. The decorative strap between the back and the seat has made the chair say something but at the same time made the removable upholstery feasible.