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With the configuration tool, you can easily and inspiringly design the POP/POP NOUVEAU modular sofa that suits your needs. The tool allows you to configure our previous POP modular sofa as well as the updated 2024 version, POP NOUVEAU.

The POP modular sofa, designed by Patrik Bengtsson and Pierre Sindre, has been a faithful servant in public environments for ten years; a flexible, sleek modular sofa, available in different designs, colors, and materials. It embodies a pop feeling translated into furniture form. In 2024, POP NOUVEAU was launched, offering a softer pop style for offices and homes. The POP NOUVEAU sofa is based on the same construction but has received new quilted cushions that provide a more fluffy and wavy surface. All the additions available for POP are also available here; acoustic dampers, leather or rattan backrests, standalone tables, laptop tables, etc.

Click on the LINK to access the configuration tool. Feel free to use the USER GUIDE to easily create and receive a quote for your unique POP/POP NOUVEAU modular sofa.



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