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From rough plank to designer chair

In the bright and airy workshop, carts stand with high stacks of newly arrived timber. Long, wide and rough planks await the first cut.

Technology and craftsmanship go hand in hand. Machinery reduces set-up times and raises efficiency. The various components are joined together to make a complete piece of furniture and nothing works without the presence of the human hand.

The furniture gets its first coat, then it is lightly sanded and polished before another layer of varnish goes on.

Some 50 employees work at the factory. Different generations enrich each other with their skills
and experience.

Placing the veneer pieces in harmony requires working individually with the wood. If several tables are part of the same series, then it is important to use the veneer’s natural nuances and grain in a similar manner. It must look as good from behind as the front. The finishing touch is a stamp with the day’s date.

One of the advantages of working with natural materials, such as cotton and wool, is the possibility to steam and smooth down the fabrics.

Every Tuesday, a transport departs from Gärsnäs and the furniture is packed in the order it is to leave the truck. An important environmental aspect is that less packing material means the truck can carry more furniture and leads to fewer transports. The staff are experts at packing furniture well, ensuring no damage occurs during transportation.

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