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Pia outdoor furniture design Tore Ahlsén

The classic outdoor furniture series Pia, designed in the 1940s, consists of a chair and an arm chair as well as dining tables in two different sizes; 70 cm and 110 cm in diameter. Made in white lacquered steel and oil treated solid oak.

What makes this timeless garden series irresistible, in addition to being functionally designed, is the composition of steel and wood, which in an elegant combination manages to capture and retain the organic and sensual feeling.

The chair and the armchair have fold-up seats in solid oak and are thus stackable, but also have the function that water can easily run off the seat after a rainy day. The base of the table is well thought out and designed so that with its three legs can stand stably on most surfaces, regardless of whether you place your Pia in the garden, on cobblestone, on the terrace or on the balcony. The table top consists of solid oak slats manufactured with care, shaped as a circle. A beautiful end result.

The architecht Tore Ahlsén is known, among other things, for having designed the PUB building in Stockholm and Årsta Centrum. The outdoor furniture series Pia is a further development of the iconic Pia lamps with the same design thought. The first Pia lamps were designed in the 1940s with the vision of bringing nature’s beautiful, gentle light indoors. He experimented with silver wire bent in circles from various fixed points. The name comes from mathematics: Pi being the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.

Pia is truly a design icon!

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