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From rough plank to designer chair

In the bright and airy workshop, carts stand with high stacks of newly arrived timber. Long, wide and rough planks await the first cut. Technology and craftsmanship go hand in hand. Machinery reduces set-up times and raises efficiency. The various components are joined together to make a complete piece of furniture and nothing works without ...

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“My confidence rests
in my hands”

Åke Axelsson builds a boat, talks about his childhood and shares his views on design.

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Gärsnäs moves to Skeppsbron

After five fantastic years, we leave our showroom in Guldhuset in Vasaparken and move to Brandenburgska Huset at Skeppsbron 30. We have the entire third floor and an enchanting view of the sea approach into Stockholm. The generous nature of the floorplan, with high ceilings, stucco work and beautiful floorboards, provides an inviting backdrop and ...

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