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A modern Classic

Since the 19th century, every generation has made their own version of the Emma armchair. This is the interpretation of the classic furniture for our age. A carefully conducted heritage, refined with a craft not previously possible.

A diamond well cut

The back pattern draws inspiration from the 19th century Emma armchair. The predecessors had a pleaded grid naturally created from the back buttons. To keep the pattern as minimalistic as possible it’s been reduced to one simple diamond.

A small chair with big opportunities

Emma is a low armchair with a high back. In the original models the small armrests were made to allow room for immense crinoline dresses. Today, as well as then, it makes the perfect armchair for both reading and socializing.

From skirt to leggings

Like the 19th century women, the Emma armchair used to wear full length skirts. To reflect on how the ideals has evolved, we have given the modern Emma a more updated leg look: half covered with textile, similar to leggings.

Everything but seamless

The production of Emma is as much of an artwork as the shape itself. The special method of sewing the back as one big piece requires great experience and precision. Hundreds of free-hand sewn stitches made by highly skilled craftsmen. Sometimes the most natural experience requires the most complex method.

Think outside the frames

Emma doesn’t have a wooden frame. Instead, the back contains of a textile sandwich construction. The stitching is sewn straight through with double seams along the edges framing it together. A unique method that gives the armchair flexibility and comfort without losing its stability.

»There is a care that comes with Gärsnäs and you need to let the process have its course. We travelled to the factory to move a seam two millimeters. There is no compromising when it comes to the choice of changes.«

Fredrik Färg

Two designers, thousands of techniques

Fredrik Färg and Emma Marga Blanche are a designer duo based in Stockholm. Influenced by the worlds of art and fashion they create playful, simplistic furniture that challenges conventions. By experimenting with new materials and methods they constantly break new ground in the interior design world. Emma is their first furniture made for Gärsnärs.

»Emma is a classic in a modern suit. A well-tailored interplay between traditional and industrial craft. An acquaintance with great ancestry, dressed in the latest fashion: severe elegance and feminine leggings.«

The jury's motivation, Sköna Hems award, Furniture of the year 2013