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Inga Sempé

Please tell me about Österlen!

With this project I wanted to make use of Gärsnäs’ immense “woodcraft”. I wanted to create a light chair that would be simple but recognizable. The chair’s main characteristic is the U-shaped incisions made in the legs and bent parts. These incisions enable a functional assembly while also increasing user comfort. In addition, they affect the incidence of light, finding rhythm in heightened reliefs.

Do you have any future dream project?

I would really like to collaborate with a Scandinavian wood stove company. Designing standard windows could also be a very interesting challenge, especially for France, where their ugliness is one of the cardinal vices of contemporary French architecture. I would like to collaborate with a tool industry, designing screwdrivers and hammers, but I am open to any suggestions as long as people have a good reason for asking me to collaborate.

Which is your favourite material?

I don’t have any favourite material, it depends on the project. I never begin a project with the idea of using a special material, I always begin drawing to devise a new use or new shapes. Then I look for the material that would suit my idea.

Did you always want to become a designer?

As a child I used to like building small objects, and I was always careful with objects were around me. So you might say I was programmed to become a designer. I had always been making things with my hands, building boxes, small plates, sculptures… I discovered my love for design when I was looking at an object, like a spoon, and always thinking of the person who conceived it, imagining how difficult it may have been, the period of uncertainty this person had been through about changing one curve into another…