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En fika med Gärsnäs episode two

This week and it’s time for episode two of our popular podcast, En fika med Gärsnäs, with Stefan “Trend” Nilsson discussing matters over a cup of coffee. The new episode looks at Gärsnäs and sustainability, covering reuse now and in the future. Stefan talks with Christina Björklund, CEO of the Gothenburg Opera House, which recently renovated its 1,350 red auditorium chairs after 27 years of use. Gärsnäs, naturally, made the original chairs in 1994. Now they returned home and were renovated like new. Smart reuse on a large scale, which bodes well for future reuse projects, where we are all winners.

Stefan also talks about reuse and retail design, greenwashing and challenges facing the fashion industry with Ida Toll, architect at jeans-brand Nudie, which is based around quality materials, fair conditions, in-store repair and smart reuse: a fashion-world parallel to Gärsnäs. What’s coming in terms of reuse regarding furniture, clothing, stores, homes and the public space? Exciting!

You can find the podcast everywhere: on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. You’ll also find episode one, where Stefan talks with Åke Axelsson, interior architect and master furniture-maker, active over eight decades.