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Gärsnäs and Kasthall´s stand

Furniture and rugs go together. This year, Gärsnäs and Kasthall are sharing a stand at the Stockholm Furniture Fair.

With their mutual focus on craftsmanship, design and materials, there is a kinship between the companies. They complement each other. The stand is created by designer Nina Jobs and interior architect Pierre Sindre, who have both made successful furniture designs for Gärsnäs.

“The idea is to show respect for the companies and their history, profiling the authentic and the elegant.” “Both Kasthall and Gärsnäs hold their tails high and we want to convey this in the stand. It should feel timeless and authentic with earth tones, light timber hues, the wool of the rugs and graphical elements of darker shades,” says Pierre Sindre.

Kasthall products are displayed on the floor and partitions. Gärsnäs furniture stand in open groups. Furthest behind the counter are more discrete meeting places with modular sofas, rugs and textile samples.

One side of the stand displays Kasthall’s rugs and cushions, along with Gärsnäs chairs in a shelving system. On the other side, Pierre Sindre presents the Day series, a family of new and current conference chairs that has not been shown before in its entirety. A significant effort has gone into making the stand’s material as reusable as possible. “As little as possible should get thrown away. We have chosen a stand design that gives us the greatest reuse: rugs, partitions, shelving system. Even a drape is used from the previous year,” says Nina Jobs. That is smart and environmentally clever.