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New Designs 2020 Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair.

See the new designs at the Gärsnäs stand: C08:41 during 4 – 8 February 2020 and at the Gärsnäs showroom in Stockholm’s Old Town.

By 2030, Gärsnäs to be completely climate neutral and circular

In conjunction with the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2020, Gärsnäs launches five new products: the Viva chair, the Embla table, the Allround chair and barstool versions of the Emily and Elin chairs. All eyes will also be on the launch of the Gärsnäs environmental vision, which further reinforces the company’s position on sustainability in the market by becoming completely climate neutral and circular by 2030 at the latest.

Ever since its foundation in 1893, Gärsnäs has been famous for making furniture with unmatched lifespans, both in terms of production and materials, as well as aesthetics, and also since the beginning it has worked actively to minimise the company’s environmental footprint.

“We have always worked ambitiously on sustainability issues; it’s part of our DNA. Now we are raising the bar even higher and, at the same time, announcing our environmental vision. Perhaps it can inspire our colleagues in the business to boldly set clear targets and follow them up,” says Dag Klockby, CEO at Gärsnäs. To achieve the goal of becoming climate neutral and completely circular by 2030, Gärsnäs has formulated three targets:

100% circular design: Design is fundamental in allowing all of our products to be renovated to their original condition or upgraded. All materials must be reusable in new products or returned to nature. A more conscientious design means longer product lifespans, where our furniture adapts to new business models and offerings in the future, as well as the phasing out of inappropriate chemicals.

100% responsible offering: We do not simply make and sell furniture. Those who choose Gärsnäs furniture will get a proactive plan for its maintenance and care. When it is no longer needed, it should be easy to resell furniture back to Gärsnäs or one of our partners in the market. We aim to help lead the development of a circular furniture concept.

100% renewable energy: Heading towards 2030, we will work actively to transform energy consumption in our operations. That means the entire production process, from factory to transportation, must run on renewable energy.

New Designs 2020

At the fair, Gärsnäs is showing five new products that are all designed with the company’s circular vision in mind. The Viva chair by David Regestam, previewed in Milan 2019, is now complete with a construction of a moulded seat that is easy to disassemble from the frame of solid oak or beech. The Embla table by Elsa Ekdahl and Anne Skoug Obel is the result of a collaboration with Beckmans College of Design. Åke Axelsson has designed the Allround chair, whose name says it all, as it is a universal chair for conferences, churches or concerts. It is easy to handle and space efficient, being stackable in a straight pile and transported on a specially constructed trolley. And last, but not least, Gärsnäs presents barstool versions of the popular Elin and Emily chairs designed by Färg & Blanche.

New this year, Gärsnäs exhibits in Hall C along with Kasthall at stand C08:41.

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Anna Klockby,
Marketing Manager Gärsnäs:
[email protected],
+46 733 630 601

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