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Press release: House of Gärsnäs SDW2021

Crafting furniture since 1893, Skåne-based Gärsnäs is one of Sweden’s oldest furniture producers. The Gärsnäs collection contains several design classics, and its furniture has long been a favorite among architects and other players in the contract industry. In 2021, Gärsnäs is striding onto a new playing field, now selling its exclusive design furniture directly to the end consumer. In conjunction with Stockholm Design Week, the new initiative and vision will be presented in the exhibition House of Gärsnäs, curated by designer Nina Jobs.

Gärsnäs has been owned and operated since 2003 by Anna and Dag Klockby, who have worked intensively with product development and renewing the venerable brand over the years. Through inspiring and engaging collabs with prominent designers, they have developed and laid the foundation for new forward-looking furniture collections, while at the same time drawing inspiration from Gärsnäs’s long history and design DNA. Gärsnäs works with acclaimed designers such as David Ericsson, Matti Klenell, Inga Sempé, Pierre Sindre, Nina Jobs, TAF Arkitekter, Färg & Blanche, David Regestam and – last but not least – the legendary Åke Axelsson, who has designed more than 200 chairs in his career and created interiors for the Riksdags Library, Carl XVI Gustaf’s Jubilee Room at the Stockholm Palace, and Sven-Harrys konstmuseum. In 2003, Åke Axelsson also became a partner in Gärsnäs – a company he began designing for back in 1963.

“For quite some time, we’ve been eager to present our furniture to a wider target group outside the market that we traditionally work with,” says Anna Klockby, co-owner and marketing director of Gärsnäs. Turning to the consumer market is a natural step for Gärsnäs, as they have seen a sharp increase in demand for their furniture – and for Swedish-produced design in general – on the end-consumer level. Initially, their focus will be on the Scandinavian consumer market, but the goal is to grow organically internationally as well.

“By expanding and taking further steps into the retail market, we will be able to offer design furniture from our high-quality Swedish production to more target groups than before. With the growing demand for Swedish design, Gärsnäs will be a natural go-to brand for the end-consumer,” says Dag Klockby, co-owner and CEO of Gärsnäs.

To kick off the new chapter in Gärsnäs’s history, the brand will be hosting the exhibition House of Gärsnäs in a heritage-rich apartment in a beautiful 17th-century building, known as the Brandenburgska palace – at Skeppsbron 30 in the Stockholm Old Town, with a stunning view of the waterfront and Skeppsholmen.

“We’re finally making our dream of a showroom come true, where we can visualize and portray a home with our furniture. We’ve pulled out all the stops in our free interpretation of the living room, dining room, kitchen, home office and bedroom, using our furniture. Together with our designers, we’re portraying our philosophy, our vision and our thoughts about design, sustainability, quality, and the environment.” says Anna Klockby. 

Photos: Mike Karlsson Lundgren
Styling: Nina Jobs

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