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Bleck Family

Bleck began as a sofa and has become a family of furniture that also includes an easy chair, side tables and a pedestal. The whole family is now being launched in its entirety.

The Bleck series is completely updated and fine-tuned. The sofa and easy chair have become deeper and even more comfortable. We have focused on the home market’s longer, lovelier sitting occasions,” says Gabriella Lenke, who together with Mattias Ståhlbom are TAF Studio, the designers of Bleck. 

The Bleck sofa’s construction and aesthetics were inspired by the reverse sides of picture frames, particularly the corner supports of oil paintings. That singular detail was key to the sofa’s design; its padded cushions enclosed by the slender framework. The construction is beautifully revealed. The sofa stands lightly on its frame, as if on its toes. “It’s a pretty sofa series, appealing to the eye from every side and angle,” says Gabriella. 

Following the sofa’s debut to rave reviews, they designed an easy chair with the same construction, like a cube that is soft inside. Now the Bleck family welcomes three new additions: two side tables and a pedestal, which are based on the same frame design and cubes on top of each other.” The tables look great individually, but their various volumes also work well together, for example in complementing a Bleck easy chair with a small side table from the same series.”

An exciting new addition is the 80 cm tall pedestal with two levels. “You don’t often see pedestals these days, but they were everywhere in Carl Larsson’s world,” says Gabriella. A typical design element of the old salons, it has now been given a contemporary makeover, presenting a strong, space-creating piece of furniture that highlights the objects placed there: sculptures, flowers, books. It becomes a striking and flexible element of the interior setting. And gives the expression “put on a pedestal” a modern interpretation.

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