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New Designs This Year


Ronja is a chair that comes directly from the beech forests of southern Sweden. Ronja, made by Gärsnäs and designed by David Ericsson, is a new model with three personalities in one. Ronja is no ordinary new chair, but marks the start of a process by Gärsnäs to use more locally sourced raw materials. Ronja is made of solid Swedish beech. It demands high standards of design, carpentry and raw materials.

“Ronja is direct, raw, but at the same time rather kind. She means well to most people, changing appearance and adapting to many different functions. Ronja is as clear as possible in its execution in order to tell the tale of furniture construction and finesse,” says David Ericsson.

“It’s the wood that takes centre stage here. Ronja’s design and manufacture enables a good piece of furniture to come from local timber. It is simple, straightforward and openly displays its construction,” says designer David Ericsson.

Ronja switches personalities easily. It comes in three versions: without arms, with arms or with short arms that let the chair hang from a table, a hit with cleaners. Ronja works well in offices, private homes and restaurants, or in a church. It can be stacked tight and stands nicely in a row. The seat consists of three pieces, discretely curved for comfort. With arms and a leather seat, Ronja looks very elegant and environmentally friendly.


David Ericsson’s Hedda armchair is now available as a bar stool. It was developed for restaurant Studio Frantzén, at Harrods in London, one of the world’s classic department stores. Swedish Joyn, who designed the interiors, desired a row of red Hedda chairs for the Scandinavian-inspired restaurant.

Redesigning a chair to be a bar stool is not simply a matter of extending the legs. “It isn’t quite that easy,” says David Ericsson. “The front and rear legs have a different angle, so they don’t stick out too much from the bar counter. We also wanted to maintain Hedda’s good comfort and use the same construction to minimise the number of new components.” So next time you’re in Harrods…see you at the bar, with Hedda.


Good can always get better. Frame is a storage solution, made by us since 2006, designed by architects Cecilia Andreasson, Elisabeth Ancker and Thomas Eriksson.

Now we have made the cabinet more stylish, more suitable for living rooms and salons. It now stands proudly on its own wooden legs, in two heights or on a base, and has glass or covered doors and the same beautiful handles as always.

A cabinet for lovely things, odds and ends, curiosities, books: a cabinet for life’s treasures.



Photos by Mike Karlsson Lundgren

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