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Wohoo! GLASS PEARL AWARD to Gärsnäs.

The GLASS PEARL AWARD is a new, glittering prize by the Swedish Glass Industry Association that aims to highlight unique and innovative glass solutions in construction projects.

The inaugural award has been won by Gärsnäs for its innovative use of glass in building its gallery, designed by Dive Architects Ia Hjärre and Andy Nettleton.

From the jury’s citation:
The new entrance facade gives a bright welcome to the public and signals a more future-orientated identity for the company. /…/ With limited means and great creativity, the architects and glass contractors have successfully created a spectacular and beautiful entrance into the illustrious furniture-maker in the heart of Gärsnäs.

The gallery is linked to the older main building by a 10-metre mirror wall that, in an enchanting way, takes in the light and surrounding landscape. The glass needs to withstand the wind in Skåne and consists of stable eight-millimetre Mirastar glass. The black gallery entices with a reflective glass facade and inside a four-metre high, dramatic window offers a view of Österlen, a wonderful synthesis of landscape and sharp, graphic architecture.

The award goes to the winning project’s client, architect and glass and facade contractors, namely: Gärsnäs AB, Dive Architects AB, Glasmästarna in Skåne AB, Osby Glas AB and Wicona Systems.

The Glass Pearl was awarded 27 August 2020 in conjunction with Nordbygg 2020. It will be a biennial award. The actual trophy was designed by Anna Ehrner at Kosta Boda, specifically for the award.

You can look at the ceremony film HERE

In the picture: Dag Klockby, CEO Gärsnäs, Mattias Laakso Nilsson, CEO Glasmästarna in Skåne, Ia Hjärre and Andy Nettelton, Dive Architects.