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Designers Saturday Oslo 8-10 september

Gärsnäs is proud to be showing this year’s new furniture at Designer’s Saturday Oslo. It includes the prize-winning Bleck sofa and easy chair by TAF/Gabriella Gustafson and Mattias Ståhlbom, Pierre Sindre’s stylish Dandy easy chair, Åke Åke Axelsson’s refined armchair Sonat and David Regestam/Wingårdhs Tak pedestal table. In additional, many other Gärsnäs favourites will be on display: Färg & Blanche’s tailored Emily easy chair, Thomas Sandell’s Elna nest of tables, David Ericsson’s Madonna chair and armchair, a selection of Pierre Sindre’s Day office series and Åke Axelsson’s sound-absorbing Akustik chair.


TAF Arkitektkontor/Gabriella Gustafson and Mattias Ståhlbom have designed the neat, low and versatile Bleck sofa and easy chair. Inspiration for the name and design came from studying the construction of the reverse sides of oil paintings. The stretcher frame has a triangular brace, which is called bleck in Swedish. By also using such a brace for functionality and decor, TAF has worked deliberately to make the sofa and easy chair just as attractive from the back as the front. Since Bleck works just as well from all angles, it is easy to place in a setting.

Product description:

Bleck, two- or three-seat sofa with frame of solid beech. Cushions filled with seabird down and a foam core, upholstered in fabric or leather.

Gabriella Gustafson and Mattias Ståhlbom, TAF Arkitektkontor on Bleck:

“The boundaries between home and public environments are dissolving. Bleck is an example of a design that works in both. Sofas are usually large and command the space; we have deliberately kept all the dimensions modest and offer a neat and simple sofa. One advantage is that even though the Bleck sofa and easy chair are deliberately low, their appeal still comes through from its character, creating a spatial feeling.”


Sköna Hem’s Furniture of the Year Award
Bruno Mathsson Prize
Designer of the Year by Form Magazine
Elle Decoration Swedish Design Awards


Designer Pierre Sindre is behind several Gärsnäs bestsellers aimed at public spaces. This time he has been inspired by his own sensations of pleasure and created the Dandy. A broad and sit-friendly easy chair with a high, vaulted rattan back that creates seclusion without feeling closed in. Dandy is a lovely easy chair, made for a moment’s rest and manufactured with natural materials: rattan, Tärnsjö leather and oak. Stylistically, Dandy lends from fashion in the 60s and for a long time the working name was Steve McQueen considering the actor’s self-assured sense of high quality and just the right amount of nonchalant style.

Product description:
Easy chair with underframe of solid beech or ash. Leather-edged back of natural rattan. Upholstered seat cushion, back and headrest in fabric or leather.

Pierre Sindre on the Dandy easy chair:

“The easy chair is large and spacious with a high enclosing back that really makes a statement. The rattan back filters the light just right, creating seclusion without feeling closed in. It is a space for rest and contemplation, both at home or a public environment. A place to withdraw to, for a pleasant time, to read a book or simply to look out the window. I’ve been looking for an easy chair to disappear in for ages, so quite simply Dandy evolved from this desire.”


The principle designer at Gärsnäs, Åke Axelsson, launches the Sonat armchair, appropriate for many kinds of environments thanks to its universal character. Besides being stackable, Sonat is also linkable, sound absorbent and, if required, comes with a brass number plate.

Product description:
Armchair in beech, with armrests in solid bent wood. Upholstered seat and back in fabric or leather. Stackable.

Åke Axelsson on the Sonat armchair:

“Today the demand for flexible use is greater than ever, meaning that the Sonat armchair is even easier to stack. As always, I strive to make the chair as light as possible, without compromising comfort and strength. In appearance, Sonat is softer in form. The wood is beech because it is strong, hard and firm in structure. It can also be bent into shape better than other kinds of wood.”


Gärsnäs, a family-owned company, was founded in 1893. It is managed by Anna and Dag Kockby, together with Anna’s father, Åke Axelsson, the interior architect and designer. The Gärsnäs showroom is situated on Skeppsbron in Stockholm and manufacturing takes place in its own factory in the village of Gärsnäs in Österlen in southern Sweden. The focus is on sustainable design and Gärsnäs collaborates closely with many prominent designers. Gärsnäs furniture is based on natural and closely sourced materials and the company takes a conscientious, long-term approach regarding circular economics and quality. Production is environmentally sustainable at all stages: everything from raw materials to completed furniture. In the factory, there is a strong presence of the experienced, human hand, something that elevates Gärsnäs production to a level above the ordinary.

Welcome to Gärsnäs Designer’s Saturday Oslo

C/O DOGA, Hausmanns gate 16

For enquiries, please contact Martin Liberg, [email protected]
or +46(0)70-2870749.










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